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Unbiased Expert Advice. Completely Free!

Start thinking about your mortgage renewal early! Contact our team at The Spooner Group to help you compare your current lender’s renewal offer with what other lenders can provide. We promise to give you our unbiased advice each time. When you are happy, we all win!

couple shaking hands with financial advisor

Nearly 70% of Borrowers Simply Sign and Send Back the Mortgage Renewal That Is First Offered!

While most individuals spend a lot of time, and effort when shopping for an initial mortgage, the same is usually not the case when considering mortgage renewals. Simply re-signing with your current lender at the time of renewal, costs Canadian’s thousands of extra dollars every year.

Did you know nearly 70% of borrowers simply sign and send back the renewal that is first offered to them without ever looking for a lower interest rate for their mortgage?? It’s simple. Switch your mortgage & save your money!

Need More Info About Mortgage Renewals? Book a No-Obligation Consult!

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