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Refinance Your Home and Save $$ Starting the First Month

Canadians today have many reasons to refinance their mortgage. By definition, a refinance, or “refi” for short, refers to the process of revising and replacing the terms of an existing mortgage.

If you have existing equity in your home, you can access up to 80% of the appraised value. One of the most common reasons to refinance your home is to consolidate debt. For example, if you are carrying debt on high-interest credit cards or loans and find yourself unable to pay it off as quickly as you would like you can refinance your home, pay off your debt and have one low monthly payment while taking advantage of today’s low-interest rates.

couple going over paperwork with financial advisor

Increase Your Net Worth

You can also refinance to access equity to fund home improvements, purchase a second home, cottage, or income property, cover education expenses, and many other reasons.

Contact our team anytime with questions or fill out an application so we can help you get the process started.

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